Kevin and Christine Hillsdon

1198 Dog Rocks Road
Rockley NSW 2795


Phone: 02 6336 3554


Although autumn 2013 was a bit tough the last 3 years have probably seen the best seasons I can remember. Thankfully the rain gods have returned but the stock reduction forced by the dry years has had a major impact as well.

Anyone who has visited our website previously may notice my son Mark no longer included on the Home page. He, wife Annabelle and their children Sophie and James have moved permanently into Bathurst. His desire to plan for his family's future in a more stable environment than the recent years of drought have allowed have prompted this decision. We miss them all.

We are delighted with the first two drops of calves by Westmorland Vincent E39, totally consistent, average birth weights, cosmetically attractive and seemingly great temperaments like their sire. We look forward to seeing them fully grown. Bowen Vincent has done a great job here leaving us some outstanding daughters and very saleable sons.

We have just completed an AI program using Allendale Waterhouse D1, Yavenvale Guru G031, Kairuru Aberdeen and the few remaining straws of BBSF 3K Ranchman with the aim of increasing muscle while maintaining milk, growth and soundness.

I will endeavour to update the news on a regular basis. Hope your season is all that you would hope for.