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About Us

Westmorland Poll Hereford stud, “Wattlegrove”, Rockley, was established in 1971 with the purchase of breeders from several leading herds. A solid foundation was achieved with the purchase of several drafts of cows and calves, and heifers from the Dananbilla stud of the late Jack Chew at Young. These females were principally “The Braes” and “Deepfields” blood and satisfied our requirements as breeders. They were quiet, good volume, easy doing, soundly structured cows of great quality that reared their calves well; attributes that we continue to strive for.

Many bulls have been used in the stud herd since 1971, photographs and more information about the most influential sires may be found under SIRES - Past. A.I. has been used since the stud’s inception and limited ET since 1984 to introduce both new and proven bloodlines. Photographs and details of bulls currently used for AI/ET may be viewed under Sires - AI/ET.

Although showing is not a priority for the stud, Westmorland bulls with limited preparation have never placed lower than fifth .

Westmorland Pastoral Company is a family owned and operated enterprise that joins around 400 cows and heifers annually on an 70/30 commercial/stud basis. With Wattlegrove sheep free since 2008 replacement heifers, sale bulls and steers to fatten make up our 11dse/ha workload.Poll Hereford Group Breedplan

Wattlegrove is located on the western fall of the Great Dividing Range at an average altitude of 1100 metres with an annual rainfall of 750 mm. Supplementry feeding with hay is usual in the thick of winter with weight gain and growth difficult from June to October even on crop.

The trading and stud name “Westmorland” is taken from the county where Wattlegrove is located.

We have been members of breedplan since 1988 with performance recorded details from 1985. All the cattle on this site have been linked to the ABRI’s site to ensure accurate and up to date information is available.